The highly awaited Dunki movie is set for a digital release on an Over-The-Top (OTT) platform.

Initially receiving mixed reviews in theaters, Dunki still achieved commendable box office numbers.

Jio Studios announced acquiring Dunki's OTT rights for around 150 crores initially.

Recent speculations suggest a potential shift of Dunki's OTT rights from Jio Cinema to Netflix.

Reports indicate Jio Cinema's potential inability to handle major movie releases, prompting the move to Netflix.

Jio Cinema's reliance on alternate revenue sources may have influenced the strategic decision to opt for Netflix.

Dunki is anticipated to premiere on OTT platforms between February 10 and 20.

Recent films by Shah Rukh Khan have chosen Netflix, creating a trend for Dunki to follow suit.

Excitement surrounds Dunki's digital debut, with all eyes on Netflix for the confirmed OTT release date.