Lord Ganesha's birth is said to have occurred on Bhadrapada Chaturthi during the second prahar of the day, under the Swati Nakshatra and Abhijit Muhurat, which aligns with September 19th.

Worshiping Lord Ganesha during this auspicious time is believed to bring desired outcomes.

Ganesh Chaturthi rituals are best performed during the afternoon when the sun is directly overhead. 

If you can't perform the rituals during the recommended time, you can choose a Shubh Lagna or Choghadiya Muhurat. 

Chanting the "ॐ गं गणपतयै नम:" mantra daily during Ganeshotsav is considered meritorious. 

Start your day by chanting the Ganesha mantra after bathing. 

Guidelines for making a Ganesha idol include using clay mixed with holy river soil or other auspicious materials like cow dung, betel nut, silver, gold, copper, or crystal. 

The idol should be approximately 7 to 9 inches in height for home installation. 

Place the idol in the east, north, or northeast direction within the house. 

Avoid placing Ganesha idols in bedrooms, under staircases, or near bathrooms.