PM Modi connects with citizens, sharing inspiration and success.

"मन की बात" 104th Episode

Symbolizes New India's ability to conquer challenges.

Chandrayaan Triumph

Women scientists drive Chandrayaan's success, showcasing India's female potential. 

Women Empowerment

India to host, bridging G-20 and Africa's voices, showcasing global capabilities. 

G-20 Summit 

India's leadership makes G-20 more inclusive, recent achievements fill with pride. 

G-20 Evolution

G-20 events across cities highlight India's vibrant diversity. 

Diversity Display 

26 medals, including 11 gold, at World University Games showcase Indian sports prowess. 

Indian Athletes Shine

India's potential limitless, spirit unwavering against obstacles. 

Call to Action 

Chandrayaan, G-20 prep, athlete triumphs showcase India's unstoppable spirit. 

Indomitable Spirit