Surprisingly, Subway Surfers' 2013 trailer surpasses even GTA VI with over 361 million views, showcasing its enduring appeal and fun gameplay.

Subway Surfers

Released on December 5, 2023, GTA VI's trailer broke records with 172 million views, creating emotional anticipation after a decade-long wait. 


The 2-year-old trailer with 171 million views on YouTube highlights clan-based upgrades and injects humor, making it one of the top gaming trailers. 

Clash Of Clan

The 2011 trailer simplified Minecraft's charm, focusing on gameplay. It's a global hit, proving that good graphics aren't the only factor for success. 


Launched in 2011, the trailer tied with the movie, adding to its allure. Even today, people play it casually to beat boredom. 

Angry Birds Rio

After 10 years, GTA V still profits with its stellar graphics and expansive gameplay. The first trailer has over 108 million views, showcasing its enduring popularity. 


The trailer for the Team Fortress game featuring the character Medic, titled 'Meet the Medic,' has accumulated over 84 million views 

Team Fortress 1 

In May 2016, the trailer for Battlefield 1 was released and has been viewed by over 72 million people on YouTube. 

Battlefield 1 

Fortnite, renowned as the best PC battle royale game, holds the record for the most views on its Chapter 2 trailer, with 64 million views. The trailer was released in 2020.

Fortnite Chapter 2 

The game trailer for Super Mario Odyssey has garnered over 55 million views to date. This trailer was released in 2017. 

Super Mario Odyssey