Ola Electric unveils S1 X 4 kWh, pushing battery tech boundaries.

Innovation Apex

S1 X 4 kWh boasts a 91 km range, 85 kmph top speed, and 2700 W battery power.

Powerful Performance

Multiple riding modes, sleek LCD console, and vibrant color options.

Ride in Style

Features CBS braking, twin telescopic front, and dual shock rear suspension.

Safety First

S1 X lineup prices range from ₹76,662 to ₹1,05,989. Price Of S1 X 4 kWh is ₹1,05,989


Bookings open, deliveries begin April 2024 for all S1 X variants.

Delivery Schedule

Ola Electric offers a three-year warranty on battery and motor.

Confidence in Quality

Available in captivating colors like Red Velocity, Midnight, Funk, Stellar, Vogue, Porcelain White, and Liquid Silver.

Color Options