Created in less than 1 crore, this extraordinary film about a teacher-student relationship earned 2 crores.


Made on a 12 crore budget, it earned 98 crores, a highly profitable and impactful film.

Taare Zameen Par

With a modest 18 crore budget, this low-budget superhero film connected well with the audience.

Minnal Murali

A 30 crore thriller that exceeded expectations, collecting over 400 crores globally. 


A survival thriller set during Kerala floods, achieved high commendation with just a 26 crore budget.


A sports film made in 15 crores, it showcased excellent world-building and storytelling.

Sarpatta Parampara 

A masterpiece made in 20 crores, it became the most profitable movie, collecting over 70 crores.

12th Fail

A regional film with a 16 crore budget turned into a national sensation, earning over 400 crores.


A unique film with a 15 crore budget took 6years to make, becoming a successful cinematic achievement.


A super-hero film made in just 20 crores, impressing with imaginative action sequences.

Hanu Man