1. Avatar: The Last Airbender - Release on 22nd February, highly anticipated with impressive graphics.

2. Damsel - Millie Bobby Brown's movie, premiering on 8th March, promising a strong storyline.

3. 3 Body Problem - Set to release on 21st March, generating excitement with intriguing glimpses.

4. Revel Moon Part 2 - Coming on 19th April, offering a family-friendly version in addition to the PG-13 version.

5. Bridgerton Season 3 - Part 1 on 16th May, followed by Part 2 on 13th June, splitting the season into two parts.

6. Arcane Season 2 - Expected in November, for those who enjoyed the first season of this popular series.

7. Cobra Kai Season 6, The Diplomat Season 2, Emily in Paris Season 4 - Confirmed for release this year, dates not revealed yet.

8. Elite Season 8 - The final season, providing closure, to be released in 2024.

9. Squid Game Season 2 - A look into the season revealed, releasing by the end of the year, with Season 3 updates later.