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A 2023 romantic comedy on Netflix, where Miss Shetty seeks a sperm donor, leading to unexpected twists with Mr Polishetty.

Miss Shetty Mr Polishetty

Released on November 3, 2023, this drama portrays generational conflicts and societal messages, available on Netflix.

Shastry Viruddha Shashtry

A survival drama based on real events, starring Akshay Kumar, highlighting the rescue of trapped miners. Available on Netflix.

Mission Raniganj

Manoj Bajpayee stars in this crime-action adventure depicting a man on the run with a child, creating a gripping narrative on Prime Video.


A horror-comedy on Hostar, this film explores the consequences of summoning spirits during a board game, delivering family-friendly entertainment.


A 90s Indian child's autobiographical comedy-drama available on Zee 5, offering a unique perspective on economic and social changes.


A Tamil industry romance-drama depicting a couple's life journey, balancing parenthood, and responsibilities, available on Amazon Prime Video.


 A slow-paced yet heartwarming film on Netflix, showcasing a man's irritating nature and the transformation within a bus journey.

Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam