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Ranveer Singh Shaktimaan Movie

Ranveer Singh Officially Confirmed as Shaktimaan in Mega Comeback!

The memories of the 90s are back with Shaktimaan and the rumours are now confirmed that Ranveer Singh will play the role of Shaktimaan. Let’s delve into the details that have emerged today. Five months ago, Mukesh Khanna, who portrayed Shaktimaan, had already hinted at the possibility, stating, “There is no doubt that Shaktimaan is […]

Brahmayugam Movie Review

Brahmayugam Movie Review Without Spoilers

Bramayugam is a Malayalam movie, a total black-and-white horror thriller starring Malayalam superstar Mammootty, who plays an arrogant character in the film. The makers have not revealed much about the movie or its story in the teaser trailer, but just by watching it, you get the feeling that it’s a dark film. The movie is

Top 10 Hidden Bollywood Thriller Movies You Might Have Missed

Top 10 Hidden Bollywood Thriller Movies You Might Have Missed

Every year, Bollywood produces several films, each falling into different categories, including thriller films. In today’s post, we will tell you about 10 underrated Bollywood thriller movies, many of which you may not have heard of before. Shree “Shree” is a science fiction movie with a minimal budget. Despite its limitations, the film brings an

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