Brahmayugam Movie Review Without Spoilers

Bramayugam is a Malayalam movie, a total black-and-white horror thriller starring Malayalam superstar Mammootty, who plays an arrogant character in the film.

The makers have not revealed much about the movie or its story in the teaser trailer, but just by watching it, you get the feeling that it’s a dark film. The movie is in black and white, adding to its mysterious and eerie atmosphere. It starts in a haunted mansion in a dense jungle from the 70s, where either it’s day or night, and everything is dark except for lanterns.

Brahmayugam Movie Review

The first half of the movie is so engaging that you might find yourself wondering why everything is happening. At one point, you might even recall the suspenseful moments from a Kantara movie for a brief moment. In the second half, the story unfolds, and the suspense gradually reveals itself. Some elements are predictable, while others are completely unpredictable.

The movie features only three main characters, and the entire story revolves around them. The three actors have done a commendable job. It’s a survival horror supernatural concept, and when it’s labeled as supernatural, understand that it’s fiction and not based on any real-life story. However, the performances make you feel like you are there, even though there is a spirit shown in the poster that doesn’t play a significant role in the story.

Overall, the movie holds itself well with its storyline and presentation. The music is excellent, and with a zero vulgarity rating, you can comfortably watch it with your family. In the horror thriller genre, this movie takes a slightly different approach, showcasing uncommon elements. This film gets a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

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