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UPI New Rules

Navigating the Future: UPI App Usage and Upcoming Rules Simplified

In today’s era, everyone is using UPI payments extensively, and transferring money from one bank account to another has become very easy. Currently, various apps like Google Pay, Paytm, and PhonePe are available on UPI, and several rules have been introduced. UPI App At present, if you have a bank account and an ATM card, […]

Make 1 CR

How to Become a Crodpati in 15,000 Salery

If your current salary is ₹15,000 and you want to achieve a one crore margin by investing some money from it, we have a very good plan for you. To reach one crore, you need to invest ₹3,000 monthly, which amounts to 20% of your salary. We’ll guide you through investment plans based on the

5 Years Investment plans

5 Years Investment plans

If you also want to invest for 5 years and live a comfortable life, you can follow our plan. We are going to share a plan in this post that can provide financial ease for a lifetime if you invest for 5 years. If you also want to invest for 5 years, follow this plan.

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