5 Years Investment plans

If you also want to invest for 5 years and live a comfortable life, you can follow our plan. We are going to share a plan in this post that can provide financial ease for a lifetime if you invest for 5 years. If you also want to invest for 5 years, follow this plan.

5 Years Investment plans

Let’s listen to a story

There are three friends – Vivek, Ajay, and Jignesh, who are 20 years old. All three friends get jobs together. Vivek is working in a job, Ajay is also working in a company, and Jignesh is running his father’s shop. Now, Vivek needs to invest money, so he discusses it with his two friends.

There is a discussion among the three friends, and the other two friends suggest that investment should not start now; let’s enjoy life first, and investment can happen later. After this discussion, Vivek leaves and decides to start investing.

Vivek invests ₹3000 monthly in the stock market through SIP for 5 years. After 5 years, we fast forward, and the three friends are now 25 years old. At this point, Ajay also starts SIP.

Ajay also starts investing ₹3000 monthly through SIP. However, Jignesh is still not investing anything, and Vivek has stopped investing after making his investments. Later, Ajay continues to invest for 7 years.

Then, after 7 years, the three friends meet again. At this point, the three friends are 32 years old. Now, Jignesh also starts SIP of ₹3000, continuing it until the age of 65.

After that, the three friends meet again, and at the age of 65, they can see how much money each of them has in the chart.

PersonDurationInvestment (Lakh)Returns (Crores)
Vivek5 Years1.807.23
Ajay7 Years2.524.46
Jignesh33 Years11.883.13

If you invest at a young age, you can enjoy a comfortable life throughout. Therefore, it’s advisable to start investing at the age of 20.

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