How to Become a Crodpati in 15,000 Salery

If your current salary is ₹15,000 and you want to achieve a one crore margin by investing some money from it, we have a very good plan for you. To reach one crore, you need to invest ₹3,000 monthly, which amounts to 20% of your salary. We’ll guide you through investment plans based on the returns of the past 10 years, allowing you to track performance on a chart.

Investment Plans

We’ll provide insights into the returns of various plans over the past 10 years, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Investment TypeReturn Rate (%)
Fixed Deposit (FD)6.0
Real Estate6.9
Corporate Bonds7.5
EPF or PPF8.3
Nifty 5010.5
Midcap 10014.2
SmallCap 25018.1

How much to invest?

If your salary is ₹15,000, you need to invest ₹3,000 every month. To achieve one crore in a shorter time frame, increase your annual investment each year by 10%, considering potential salary increments.

InvestmentTime HorizonInitial AmountFuture Value
Fixed Deposit30 Years1.11 Cr
Gold25 Years1 Cr
Nifty 5025 Years1 Cr
Nifty 50 & Midcap25 Years1.40 Cr

Low Risk and High Returns

For those seeking lower risk and higher returns, follow this plan: invest 10% in Nifty 50, 20% in Midcap 100, and the remaining 70% in SmallCap 250. This strategy balances risk and potential returns effectively.

If you invest this way for 20 years, you can reach 1 crore, with its current value being around 40 lakhs. To reach the future value of 1 crore, you need to invest for about 30 years, accumulating approximately 6 crores.

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