How to Become a Crodpati in Salery

In the present time, everyone wants to become rich, but becoming wealthy is not that easy nowadays. Currently, every individual has a different salary package. Some earn 10,000, some 20,000, and others 30,000. Today, we will share a story about three friends – Vivek, Ajay, and Jignesh – all 25 years old, who find themselves employed together. Vivek works a job, Ajay is employed in a company, and Jignesh manages his father’s shop. Now, Vivek needs to invest his money, so he discusses with his friends.

How to Become a Crodpati in Salery
How to Become a Crodpati in Salery

Vivek earns a salary of 20,000. He follows the 50:30:20 rule, using 50% of his money for daily expenses, 30% for enjoyment, and 20% for investment. He invests ₹4,000 in an index fund through SIP.

Ajay also opts for a similar plan, investing 20% of his 50,000 in SIP.

Jignesh, with a salary of 1,00,000, also chooses the same plan, investing 20% or ₹20,000 in SIP.

All three friends invest for 15 years. The chart below illustrates how much each invested and the returns they received.

Monthly Investment400010,00020000
Expected Return13%13%13%
Investment Time15 Years15 Years 15 Years
Total Invested Amount15,02,72537,56,81375,13,626
At the Age of 4022,22,72555,56,8131,11,13,626


The higher your salary, the more quickly you can earn crores. However, if your salary is ₹20,000, you’ll need to explore side income opportunities. Learning video editing can help you earn around ₹40,000 to ₹50,000 per month. Therefore, focus on passive income.

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