Make 1 CR from salary of Rs 15,000 by investing

If your salary is 15,000, and you want to reach 1 crore, we have a investment plan for you. Following this plan, you can achieve 1 crore in a few years. Now, let’s talk about how much time it takes and how much to invest.

Make 1 CR

How much to invest?

If your salary is 15,000, you need to invest 3,000 every month. To reach 1 crore sooner, you should increase your investment each year, considering your salary will also increase. So, in the next year, invest 10% more.

FD (Fixed Deposit)

If you think you can make 1 crore through fixed deposits, you are mistaken. Fixed deposits keep your money safe but won’t help you accumulate significant wealth.

Nifty 50 SIP

Investing in Nifty 50 for the next 25 years can yield 1 crore, but the current value will be around 31,00,000. So, this is not a recommended option.

Low Risk, High Returns

For those seeking low risk and high returns, follow this plan: Invest 10% in Nifty 50, 20% in Midcap 100, and the remaining 70% in SmallCap 100.

Average Return

Following this plan can provide an average return of 16%, which is quite favorable.

If you invest this way for 20 years, you can reach 1 crore, with its current value being around 40 lakhs. To reach the future value of 1 crore, you need to invest for about 30 years, accumulating approximately 6 crores.

With a salary of 15,000, you can achieve 1 crore in 30 years by following this plan.

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