The Biggest Conspiracy Of Simpsong

Today we are going to tell you about a cartoon series whose name is Simpsong. Everyone says that in this series, it is told many months in advance what is going to happen in the future and this is also shown in many of their episodes. Donna Trucks is going to come back into politics and Donald Trump has just said that he will come back into politics and fight back. We will give information about whether this Simpsong prediction is true.


This show is being discussed now, it is not that this show has been discussed many times before, so it started in 1989, since then till today they have launched many episodes. After some time, America made it on shirts and clothes, yet it has become a long running show of America.

What is Simpson?

Simpsong is an American cartoon show in which comedy and strange stories are shown, but along with it, predictions are also made and how many predictions have come true till now. This cartoon is very good and long running till now. It has become a cartoon show.

17 years ago, no one even liked Donald Trump, but in episode 7 of season 11 of Some Song, it was shown that Donald Trump has become the President and after 17 years, Donald Trump has actually become the President of America.

After this, how many people have felt that this person really prophesies but his writings say that there is nothing like that.

There are so many jokes made in the Simpsons cartoon show and it is a rule of the number game that many of them can be true in many episodes, hence this has happened.

43 predictions from the Simpsons cartoon show have come true. Which makes it very different from other cartoon shows and it has also become a long-running series in America because of this, so many of its predictions come true.

At this time, it was told many years ago that in the coming time, everyone will be walking with a watch on their hands and this has happened now also, now smart watch has come, so now everyone can control the mobile through it.


At present, there are many writers who are very intelligent, due to which everything in this show comes true and in this show there is also a math genius who made a prediction and that too came true.

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