Top 5 Most-Watched Game Trailers on YouTube

Currently, several popular games have gained fame worldwide. However, among all the games released so far, there are some games whose trailers have been viewed the most on YouTube. In today’s post, we will discuss the Top 5 most-watched game trailers on YouTube.

Angry Birds Rio

A beloved franchise, Angry Birds, inspired a dedicated game based on the movie ‘Rio.’ Launched in January 2011, this trailer showcased the lead birds being kidnapped, setting the stage for an entertaining and adventurous storyline. Even today, many enjoy playing this game casually to beat boredom.


Minecraft, known for its simplistic graphics but engaging gameplay and fun elements, released its first trailer in 2011. The trailer effectively conveyed the simplicity and charm of the game, contributing to its immense popularity. Minecraft continues to be widely played in India and around the world.

Clash Of Clan

The Clash Of Clan trailer from two years ago remains incredibly popular, ranking as the third most-viewed gaming trailer on YouTube with 171 million views. The trailer showcased clan members operating a collective base, upgrading districts and villages for an enhanced overall base. The realistic and humorous content made it a hit among gamers.


The highly anticipated GTA VI trailer dropped on December 5, 2023, creating history with three major records upon release. With over 172 million views, it became the most-watched non-music video on YouTube. The 10-year wait for this emotional and infamous trailer proved worthwhile, solidifying GTA VI’s place among the top games.

Subway Surfers

Surprisingly, Subway Surfers’ trailer, with over 361 million views, outperformed even GTA VI. Launched in 2013, the trailer showcased exciting gameplay with coin collection, jumping over trains, dodging obstacles, and collecting power-ups. The endless runner genre continues to captivate players, making Subway Surfers a surprising and enduring hit.

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