Top 5 Must-Watch Indian Movies of 2023: A Perfect Blend of Quality Content and Entertainment

Discovering films that offer both high-quality content and entertainment is a treasure. In this article, we explore five Indian movies released in 2023 that promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee. From gripping mysteries to heartwarming family dramas, these films are a must-watch for every movie enthusiast.


Embark on a journey to a cursed village where mysterious murders unfold one after another. “Virupaksha,” a highly underrated Telugu movie of 2023, delves into horror and mystery. With a unique blend of tantric rituals and aghori practices, the film keeps you hooked. While the first half introduces a romantic angle, the second half surprises with unexpected twists. This Telugu gem is available on YouTube for free in Hindi, making it a must-watch.

Kaathal The Core

Experience the simplicity and brilliance of the Malayalam film “Kaathal The Core.” With a rating of 7.6 on IMDb, this movie presents a political aspirant facing unexpected challenges in his marital life. The film ingeniously addresses societal behavior changes, offering a refreshing take on topics rarely discussed. Its compelling concept and stellar execution make it a standout piece in Malayalam cinema.


In “Neru,” a police station turns into a crime scene when an officer commits suicide. The investigation uncovers a web of characters, each with a unique story. Joju George, the lead actor, leaves an indelible mark with his performance, making you question what the real problem is. This Malayalam movie offers a gripping narrative and a closer look at the dynamics within a police department.

Baipan Bhari Deva

A 2-hour and 15-minute film that will change how you perceive women in every household. “Baipan Bhari Deva” revolves around six sisters, each dealing with their own set of problems. Compelling and humorous, the movie showcases how female lives become dependent on a single point after a crucial incident. This movie is a must-watch for every lady out there and is available on Disney Plus Hotstar with excellent Hindi dubbing.


In “Iratta,” a police station becomes the center of attention as an officer takes his own life, leaving the entire department in shock. Every character’s story unfolds, but it’s Joju George’s lead character who makes you realize that the real problem lies elsewhere. This movie provides a deep dive into the emotional turmoil within a police station and explores the struggles faced by the characters.

These five movies from different Indian languages offer a diverse range of genres, delivering both quality content and entertainment. Whether you prefer horror, drama, or comedy, these films are a testament to the rich and vibrant storytelling present in Indian cinema. Don’t miss out on the cinematic gems that 2023 has brought to the screen.

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