Bhakshak Movie Review: A Bold and Courageous Movie on a Sensitive Issue

Let’s begin with the recently released film on Netflix titled ‘Bhakshak,’ which is a crime drama centered around child exploitation. Let’s attempt to explore how the film is and whether it’s worth watching through this post.

Before the film starts, a disclaimer is given, stating that the entire film is based on a real incident. The topic of this film is highly sensitive, and you can gauge its sensitivity right from the beginning. The first scene itself makes you feel the courage required in a filmmaker to tackle such a topic.

Bhakshak Movie Review

The film revolves around an orphanage where some girls are subjected to heinous crimes. The news reaches Bhumi Pednekar, who plays the role of a journalist investigating through an internal source. The result and how it unfolds can be seen in the movie.

Real credit goes to the makers who brought such a topic to the forefront and the way they handled such a sensitive subject. Although the film is 2 hours and 15 minutes long, each scene is deep, and one thing is for sure that this film may not be for everyone, but everyone should watch it because we are unaware of what is happening in the world outside our homes.

Violence, harassment, riots, etc., on which anyone may want to speak or take action, are silenced initially through the system, and later when the truth comes out, the same system rectifies everything. Sad but true. So, in this film, how some people in the system are bad, and some are good, and to what extent they can go, everything is depicted, and Bhumi Pednekar’s acting is commendable.

The film is produced by Red Chillies, and VFX by Old Monk Studios. The film’s topic, acting, BGM performance, everything was spot on, especially Bhumi Pednekar’s monologue at the end, where she speaks directly to the audience, is hard-hitting. It’s a monologue that hits so hard that you will start feeling that from today onwards, I will stop all bad deeds. Overall, considering the film’s subject and its presentation style, this film gets four out of five stars.

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