Devil Movie Story, Rating and Cast

Today, another movie titled “Devil Movie” has been released. It is a Telugu language film directed by Abhishek Nama. Bimbisara Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, whose first hit film was Bimbisara, has delivered an excellent performance in this movie as well. The film has received positive reviews, and fans are very pleased, giving it a 4-star rating.

This movie is based on a love story and has been highly appreciated by the younger audience. It has gained immense popularity among new couples.

Devil Movie Story

In this movie, the daughter of a landlord is murdered, and the British government assigns Devil to investigate the crime. Subsequently, Devil engages in the search to find out who is responsible for the murder of the landlord’s daughter.

Devil encounters numerous mysteries in his quest, and the murder proves to be highly enigmatic. To unravel the complexities, Devil puts in significant efforts in solving the case. 

Devil Movie

Devil is then assigned another mission after solving the murder mystery of the landlord’s daughter. The second mission is given due to the discovery of a larger conspiracy or threat that necessitates Devil’s involvement.

This movie unfolds with numerous mystery scenes. After the interval, several secrets are revealed. Nandamuri Kalyan Ram initially appears as an ordinary person in the first half, but as the movie progresses, he unveils his formidable side.

Devil Movie Rating 

This movie is highly appreciated by fans, especially for its combination of action and thriller elements. People have given it a rating of 4 out of 5.

Devil Movie Budget

Despite having a budget of 10 crores, this movie was made efficiently and turned out to be of exceptionally high quality.

Devil Movie Trailer: Youtube – Abhishek Pictures

Devil Movie Cast 

Many people have played roles in this movie, and their names are as follows.

  • Nandamuri Kalyan Ram
  • Samyuktha Menon
  • Elnaaz Norouzi
  • Edward Sonnenblick
  • Srikanth Iyengar
  • Ajay
  • Satya
  • Mark Bennington
  • Jahid D’ cruz

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