Gujarat’s Gift City End of Liquor Ban

Yesterday, the government made a significant decision, announcing the end of the liquor ban in Gujarat’s Gift City. Let’s discuss this decision in detail.

Our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has taken a major decision, granting freedom from the liquor ban to those living and working in Gift City, located in Gandhinagar. Residents and workers there can now consume alcohol, but only within hotel premises. Let’s explore the reasons behind this decision.

Gift City is a place where people from abroad come for business, and many of them have a habit of consuming alcohol. However, they couldn’t find alcohol in Gift City, leading to a decline in business meetings there.

Due to the economic conditions in Gujarat, this decision was taken to attract people from outside the state. Gift City was established for this purpose, to encourage people to come, start their businesses, and conduct business meetings.

What do people have to say about this decision?

Residents of Gandhinagar are delighted because now they can access alcohol in their city. However, people residing in other places also wish for the liquor ban to be lifted in their regions.

Will other districts in Gujarat also be free from the liquor ban?

The Gujarat government has stated that they haven’t considered such a decision for other districts yet. However, if the liquor ban is lifted in other districts, it could lead to the closure of the black market for alcohol, and the government would benefit from increased GST revenue.

Overall, this decision aims to boost business in Gift City and attract entrepreneurs and investors from outside Gujarat.

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