COVID-19 JN.1 Variant Detected

Corona is making a comeback. many people in Thane district of Maharashtra have been infected this month. A total of 20 people have been sampled, out of which five have tested positive for the new JN.1 variant of Corona. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Will COVID-19 return to India? 

People are highly concerned because new cases are emerging in many states. Therefore, you should stay vigilant.

Recently, in Thane district, 20 people have contracted Corona. Among them, five have been identified with the new JN.1 variant. It is reported that there are currently 30 active cases in Thane district.

Out of these 30 active cases, only three are currently receiving treatment in hospitals, while others are treating themselves at home. If this trend continues, the virus can spread rapidly.

Among the five people with the JN.1 variant, two are female, and three are male. Currently, only three of them are admitted to hospitals.

What about COVID-19 in other states?

Currently, all states are on high alert due to the resurgence of COVID-19. Hospitals in all states are preparing for the worst. Although some people in other states have been affected by COVID-19, there are no new cases reported yet. It is expected to emerge in the coming days.

Information about Corona

It is advised that individuals over 60 years old wear masks when going outside. If possible, avoid going outside. If you need to go out, always wear a mask.

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