Ajju Bhai (Total Gaming) revealed his face, See his photo here

If you are a Free Fire player, you must be familiar with AjjuBhai. If you are a Free Fire player, you must have heard AjjuBhai’s name at some point. Today, AjjuBhai has revealed his face.

A few days ago, AjjuBhai released a teaser for his face reveal on his YouTube channel. After that, he mentioned that he would upload the video of his face reveal in a few days. All fans were eagerly anticipating when AjjuBhai would finally reveal his face. The face reveal video goes something like this.

In this video, AjjuBhai revealed his face. Let me share some details about this video with you.

In this video, the numbers drop for the first 3 minutes, after which a 60-second timer starts. Within 2 minutes, the video has received 200,000 views.

In the video, initially, his PC is shown, then he goes inside it. After that, he is seen fighting with three kids. While those three kids are hitting him, his head gets knocked, so he runs away from the three kids.

ajju bhai face reveal
ajju bhai face reveal

After that, AjjuBhai is seen playing Free Fire with his friends, where they engage in battles. Later, he receives a call from home and then plays a real game. Everyone tells him to do something productive instead of playing games all day, like getting a job. However, AjjuBhai continues to play games and eventually becomes a successful YouTuber.

In the last scene, he comes out of his PC and reveals his face to everyone, which you can see in this video. AjjuBhai revealed his face after how many years.

Why is there so much craze for AjjuBhai’s face reveal?

AjjuBhai is the king of Free Fire. He uploads his Free Fire gameplay on his YouTube channel. AjjuBhai is an extremely skilled PC player who plays the Free Fire game.

You can gauge his popularity from his YouTube channel, as AjjuBhai’s channel has over 37.1 million subscribers, meaning more than 37 million fans have subscribed to his channel. His YouTube channel is named “Total Gaming.”

AjjuBhai’s Free Fire Max ID is 451012596, and his in-game name is “ajjubhai94.” ajjubhai real name is Ajendra Variya.

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