Berlin Series Review: Is it worth watching or not? Know people’s reviews

As the much-anticipated spin-off series of Money Heist, ‘Berlin‘ graces Netflix screens on the auspicious day of December 29, 2023, the wait for a compelling narrative finally ends. This show takes an intriguing delve into the character of Berlin, previously part of the iconic Money Heist ensemble, offering a narrative that precedes the events of Money Heist Season 1.

Intriguing Insight into Berlin’s World

The Berlin series unfolds across 8 episodes, each lasting from 42 minutes to an hour, unveiling a meticulously crafted narrative. If summarized succinctly, the show earns a nod of approval. While it might not meet all the high expectations set by its predecessor, it maintains the essence of the Money Heist universe. For those acquainted with Money Heist Season 1, Berlin’s character offers a fascinating perspective, providing a deeper understanding of his intricacies.

A Blend of Thrills and Familiarity

Within the series lies a familiar essence akin to the Professor’s strategic planning from Money Heist, reflecting Berlin’s own approach. The show encapsulates thrilling twists, offering a narrative filled with suspense and unexpected turns. However, its primary focus seems to be Berlin’s personal life, which, honestly, presents a problematic narrative thread. The objectification and justification of his actions through dialogues may leave viewers contemplative.

Narrative Dilemmas

While the show attempts to balance the portrayal of Berlin’s character and his love life, it leans heavily towards objectifying both, possibly oversimplifying complex facets. Despite showcasing elements of heists, tests, and turns, the execution lacked the depth required to elevate the portrayal.

Technical Excellence

Technically, the series shines bright. With commendable cinematography and framing, the show offers visually captivating moments. The introduction of characters is well-crafted, resonating positively with many viewers.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Berlin Series

1. Intriguing exploration of Berlin’s character1. Heavy focus on objectification and simplification
2. Maintains the essence of the Money Heist universe2. Lack of depth in execution, particularly in heist elements
3. Thrilling narrative with unexpected twists3. Overemphasis on Berlin’s personal life
4. Commendable technical aspects: cinematography, framing4. Struggles to balance predecessor’s allure
5. Well-crafted character introductions


In conclusion, the Berlin series ventures admirably into the beloved Money Heist universe, providing a fascinating glimpse into Berlin’s world. However, it grapples with the challenge of maintaining the allure of its predecessor while delivering a compelling narrative. While some technical aspects shine brilliantly, the heavy focus on objectification and simplification mars an otherwise promising storyline.

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