The Viral Parle-G Packet Transformation: Did Parle G change the design of its packet?

The post that recently went viral shows a small girl’s face on the Parle-G packet transforming into a larger boy’s face. But what’s the truth behind Parle-G’s design change, and who’s the person behind this new face on the packet? Let’s find out.

Parle-G New Packet design

Whose Face is on the New Parle-G Packet?

Parle-G shared a post on their official Instagram account where they altered the design of their packet. We all know that the Parle-G biscuit packet features the face of a small girl. However, Parle-G posted an image where, instead of the small girl, a larger boy’s face appeared on the packet.

It’s important to note that the post shared by Parle-G isn’t a serious one; it’s merely a joke. A few days ago, an individual named Zervaan J Bunshah asked his followers via an Instagram “If you meet the owner of Parle , do you call him “Parle Sir,” “Mister Parle,” or “Parle-G”?

Parle G replied

In this reel, Zervaan J Bunshah is sitting with a serious expression, and in the background, the song “Ae Ji O Ji” from Anil Kapoor’s film “Ram Lakhan” is playing. The reel’s text asks, “If you meet the owner of Parle-G, what would you call them: Parle Sir, Mister Parle, or Parle-G?”

This reel went viral and reached the official Parle-G account. They responded in a humorous manner, stating that they could be addressed as “OG.” This response was due to the background song from Anil Kapoor’s “Ram Lakhan” playing during the reel.

Parle G surprises Bunshah – parle g girl replaced

After the reel went viral, Parle-G changed their Parle-G packet design on their official Instagram page. However, it was a joke post. They replaced the face of the small girl on the Parle-G packet with Bunshah’s face and asked him, “While you figure out what to call the owner of Parle-G, you can call us your favorite biscuit to enjoy with a cup of chai. What say @bunshah ji?”

When Parle-G shared this post, the person involved was quite surprised. They didn’t expect their reel to reach Parle-G, let alone have Parle-G respond by placing their face on the Parle-G biscuit packet.

In the end, this is just a joke, so nobody should take this viral photo seriously. It was merely a small joke between a user and Parle-G.

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