6 Must-watch films of 2023, better than Dunki and Salaar

As everyone is aware, 2023 has been a spectacular year for cinema. By the end of 2023, several films released in theaters have been super hits, breaking numerous box office records. Today, let’s talk about the top 6 films of 2023 that you must watch at least once.

6 Must-watch films of 2023


Shah Rukh Khan’s film Jawan, a Bollywood-South collaboration, displayed a prowess that redefined the stature of Bollywood. This film resonated with audiences, shedding light on various societal issues prevalent in India, and delivering multiple social messages.


Thalapathi Vijay’s Leo showcased an impactful commercial performance. While it gained popularity in the South, Dunki and Salaar’s simultaneous release impacted its recognition in Hindi cinema.


Directed by Kartik Varma and written by Krishna Hari, Virupaksha is a supernatural thriller-horror film. It revolves around a person using occult practices in a village, resulting in mysterious deaths.

Jigar Thanda

This film, a sequel, was described as a love letter to cinema and emotions. It’s an emotionally gripping movie that showcases Raghav Lawrence’s stellar performance, considered one of the best performances of the year.


Although not everyone appreciated this film, it was a commercial venture praised for its villain’s presentation and Rajnikanth’s heroism, making it a unique cinematic experience.

Rajnikanth’s performance, along with the film’s BM (Bijlee Meter) and the explanation of theater ambiance, created an unmissable experience during its interval and climax.


This Malayalam film was even submitted for an Oscar, based on Kerala floods. Despite its low budget, its authenticity will shock viewers, showcasing humanity standing for each other amidst adversity. The shocking and poignant climax will be unforgettable.

This list is based on our opinions and films we enjoyed. Everyone may have their own favorite films. Let us know in the comments which 2023 film you liked the most.

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