Money Heist Berlin series set to hit India: Release date, number of episodes and more!

Let’s talk about the India release timing of Money Heist Berlin series in this post. We’ll share everything about this show’s total number of episodes and whether this series will be available in Hindi or other South Indian languages.

Firstly, Money Heist’s Berlin series is a spin-off featuring the character Berlin’s story from the Money Heist series.

Berlin series

When will Money Heist’s Berlin series be released?

Discussing the main topic, when will India get to watch Money Heist’s Berlin series and whether all its episodes will be released together? Well, the release timing for this show in India will be slightly different. It’s being said that the show will be available for viewing in India precisely at 1:30 PM on the 29th of December.

Usually, web series on Netflix are released by 3 PM, so you can expect to watch this show on Netflix between 12:30 to 3:30 PM.

Will the episodes of the Berlin series be available for binge-watching?

Earlier, Netflix used to release 2 or 3 episodes together, holding back the rest. However, with this show, there won’t be any such scenario. The Berlin series has a total of eight episodes, and you’ll get to watch all eight episodes together.

Can it be watched in Hindi?

Yes, this series can be watched in Hindi as all episodes have been dubbed. However, there’s no available information regarding the launch of this series in South Indian languages.

Is this series good?

For now, watching the trailer of this series has raised everyone’s expectations. But its actual quality will only be revealed once the series is released. Currently, this series is available on Netflix. You can watch it on the official Netflix website.

Berlin Hindi Trailer

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