COVID-19 Spurs Surge in Heart Attacks | New Strain JN.1 Raises Concerns Across Age Groups, Including Young Children

After contracting the coronavirus, many people are currently dying from heart attacks. Despite the initial spread of the coronavirus three years ago, it has not been completely eradicated. Some individuals are still getting infected, now with a new virus named JN.1. Let’s delve into the details of both.

Even young children are experiencing heart attacks at present, affecting people across all age groups. The number of annual heart attack fatalities, which used to be 5 to 6 lakh, is increasing. Previously, heart attacks primarily affected those below 50 years old, but now individuals as young as 15 to 20 are also succumbing to heart attacks.

Corona And Heart

What is a heart attack?

A heart attack is a serious condition that occurs when the human heart does not receive enough oxygen. It typically happens due to blockages in the arteries, preventing sufficient blood flow to the heart. Consequently, individuals experience sudden discomfort in their hearts, leading to potential fatalities.

Corona And Heart

People who had COVID-19 are more prone to heart attacks. During the initial wave of the coronavirus, many individuals were affected. The virus causes blood to clot in the heart, impairing its ability to pump efficiently and resulting in heart attacks.

Is the rise in heart attacks due to COVID-19?

Corona And Heart

Recent cases of heart attacks were analyzed, and it was found that out of 100 individuals who had previously contracted COVID-19, their blood had clotting issues, leading to heart attacks. Additionally, difficulty in oxygen intake contributed to heart attack problems.

How did heart attacks occur before COVID-19?

Before the advent of COVID-19, individuals under 40 years old did not experience heart attacks as frequently. Typically, those above 50 were more prone. Medical experts explain that the increase in heart attacks across age groups is linked to the presence of COVID-19.

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