‘Merry Christmas Movie’: A Multilingual Thriller With Katrina Kaif & Vijay Sethupathi

Have you seen the movie ‘Ek Haseena Thi‘ or ‘Badlapur‘? Or maybe ‘Andhadhun‘, which was one of the best black comedy thriller films? The makers and director of that film, Sriram Raghavan, are bringing another thriller titled ‘Meri Christmas’, starring an unusual pair – Katrina Kaif and Vijay Sethupathi.

A Multilingual Thriller

Interestingly, this film has been shot in two languages – Tamil and Hindi. Even the side actors in both languages have been changed. For instance, in Hindi, Vinay Pathak is replaced by Radhika Sharath Kumar in Tamil.

Moreover, if you watch the trailers of both the Tamil and Hindi versions, you’ll notice they are different. In the Tamil version, there’s Kamal Haasan’s photo on the wait machine ticket, while in the Hindi version, it’s Rajesh Khanna’s. Changing the actors while keeping the essence intact actually makes it a good movie.

Diverse Trailers, Divergent Storylines

The Tamil trailer suggests a married couple reuniting after a possible divorce of seven years. However, the Hindi trailer sounds stranger to each other. They meet by chance, spend three hours together, and then the real story of a murder begins. Due to this, the trailer leaves the audience with numerous questions, just like Sriram Raghavan’s style.

The trailer forces the audience to form theories – who might be the culprit behind the murder? In the end, maybe Vijay himself isn’t playing the role of the antagonist, considering his simple look and face cut. Giving such a role to someone whose appearance is vastly different adds more excitement to the film’s story.

This trailer has raised so many questions that we are eagerly waiting for another ‘Andhadhun’-style movie, and ‘Meri Christmas’ seems to provide a glimpse of that.

Explain Trailer

In the beginning of the trailer, two different scenes are running simultaneously – Katrina on the left and Vijay on the right. Katrina seems to be mixing something in a drink, maybe trying to poison someone with the medicine. Interestingly, she’s wearing the same sweater while mixing the medicine, indicating a possible connection with a party she might be hosting at her home, where something suspicious might happen.

On the right side, Vijay Sethupathi is making dal and chili paste, so there might be some connection between these two. A sofa is shown with a hammer and ladle stuck underneath, suggesting they are aware of a threat and have their weapons ready.

So, it’s only after watching this trailer that theories will start brewing. And that’s why I’m excited for this movie, coming to theaters on January 12. If you’ve watched the trailer, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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