Paytm Introduces New ‘Wallet On UPI’ Feature: It will be easy to transfer money from wallet to any UPI ID

If you use the digital payment service company Paytm for digital payments, there’s good news for you. Paytm has released a new feature within its app that will work for Paytm wallets.

New Feature of Paytm

Paytm Introduces New 'Wallet On UPI' Feature

Recently, the financial service company and provider of digital payments, Paytm, introduced a new feature within its app. This feature will work for the Paytm wallet. Paytm users can now transfer money from their Paytm wallet using any UPI ID. This new feature is called ‘Wallet On UPI.’

Previously, there was no Wallet On UPI feature

Before today, no Paytm user could transfer the money present in their Paytm app’s wallet using any other UPI ID. They could only transfer money within this wallet using the Paytm UPI ID and Paytm QR code. But now, money present in this wallet can be transferred using any UPI ID and QR code.

Through this new feature, people will only be able to transfer money through their wallet using the UPI ID, not the fuel wallet or gift voucher balance.

Few people have access to this feature

The Wallet On UPI feature has not been given to every Paytm user yet. Currently, only a few Paytm users have this feature, and it will gradually be released to all Paytm users.

How to benefit from the new feature

If you haven’t completed your full KYC (Know Your Customer) for your Paytm account, you won’t be able to benefit from this feature. To avail of the benefits of the Wallet On UPI feature, you’ll first need to complete the full KYC process. Information on how to complete full KYC will be available on the official website of this app or within the app itself.

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