“Salaar” a Part of KGF Universe? Movie Review

In the last month of 2023, the most anticipated and awaited movie was ‘Salaar.’ This was because it was directed by Prashanth Neel and starred the beloved actor Prabhas. But does the movie live up to people’s expectations from the director of KGF? Let’s discuss.

Is ‘Salaar’ a part of the KGF Universe?

No, the movie ‘Salaar’ is not a part of the KGF Universe because its story doesn’t connect in any way with KGF. This shattered the dreams of many, but as the movie progresses, a very prominent actor’s name is revealed in a special thanks section, which I can’t disclose to avoid spoilers if you haven’t watched the movie.

However, the revelation of this actor’s name generates excitement and a different level of energy among the fans. But despite the actor’s presence, he was hardly there in the entire film.

Story of ‘Salaar’

Anyway, you might have gotten an idea of the story from the trailer. It revolves around two childhood friends who are deeply committed to each other. The film unfolds around their strong bond.

Khan Saar is a realm where three tribes vie for the throne, leading to internal politics and ancient revenge stories, which span nearly 2 hours 55 minutes, almost a 3-hour movie.

First Half of ‘Salaar’

Honestly, the story in the first half seemed a bit exaggerated compared to what was understood from the trailer. There’s an overpowering aspect to everything. Everyone seems to fear Prabhas in the movie, even his mother. While this increases curiosity at one point, it feels overly exaggerated at another.

Speaking of exaggeration, Shruti Hassan’s acting also seems exaggerated. Nevertheless, you’ll be constantly reminded of KGF in every scene due to Prashanth Neel’s style. From colour grading to cinema styling, action choreography, and even the film’s editor, it all feels similar.

Remember the action scene involving car chasing in KGF 2? A similar editing style is applied here too.

Second Half

The second half introduces a significant backstory that distances itself from the curiosity of the first half, leading to a feeling of being stretched. But the action was impressive.

The movie is rated ‘A’ because of its increased violence, but there’s no vulgarity or such elements. If you like masala action movies and appreciate KGF-like presentations, you can watch this film.

Last Part

In the last part, even the name of the second part is revealed, but there’s no post-credits scene, so there’s no need to sit till the end.

The music, unlike KGF’s captivating tunes, didn’t stand out. Overall, it’s a good watch, an entertaining movie. From our side, we rate it 4 out of 5 stars. If you’ve seen this movie, what rating would you give?

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