SRK’s ‘Dunki’: Setting New Box Office Records

The businessman SRK (Shah Rukh Khan) is a greater giver than the actor SRK, and as everyone knows, the film isn’t big but a long racehorse. Hence, it didn’t cross the 100 to 200 crore mark in the opening, but it’s set to create a decent lifetime record, and that’s what’s happening. Within just four days, the film, rising above profit-loss concerns, has marked a hat-trick of overcoming SRK’s lower back.

Dunki’ Film Domestic and Worldwide Collection

For those unaware, the total budget for the movie “Dunki” is around 120 crores, with 85 crores dedicated to production and the remaining 35 for promotion and other expenses. In the first three days, the film had earned a substantial 75 crores within India, steadily progressing. However, on the fourth day, it skyrocketed. Yes, on Sunday, the fourth day, ‘Dunki’ garnered figures slightly above or below 35 crores net in India. The leap of almost 10 crores from the third day is significant and clearly indicates that despite being slow initially, the film will certainly finish the race.

Dunki’ Film Domestic and Worldwide Collection

DayBox Office Collection (in Crores)
1₹ 29.2
2₹ 20.12
3₹ 25.5
4₹ 31.50
5₹ 22.50
6₹ 10.25
7₹ 9.75
8₹ 9.00
9₹ 7.25
10₹ 9.00
11₹ 12.00
12₹ 9.25
13₹ 3.85
14₹ 3.30
15₹ 2.65
16₹ 2.20
17₹ 3.50
18₹ 3.50

In this regard, within just four days, SRK has pulled Dunki closer to recovering its budget, reaching nearly 100 crores from domestic collections alone. But, as you know, SRK’s cinema magic knows no boundaries, and the impact of ‘Dunki’ is not limited to India alone. The most significant evidence is the film’s worldwide collection, which, upon hearing, will astonish you as much international business as domestic. Yes, within four days, the film has scored a double century on the scoreboard, approximately 220 crores in business, surpassing the budget by 100 crores.

The Hat-Trick: SRK’s Consistent Success

For those dreaming that ‘Pathan‘ and ‘Jawaan‘ might stumble but ‘Dunki‘ would flop later, it’s bad news because Shah Rukh Khan completes his hat-trick. Three films in a year, and all three are set to enter the blockbuster list.

Even on the fifth day, ‘Dunki’ has nearly 10 crores in advance bookings, creating a separate record for festival days. So, on the fifth day as well, you can expect ‘Dunki’ to do business up to 25 crores in India alone, while these numbers will increase worldwide.

Roughly estimating, Shah Rukh Khan’s film will stand near the gates of the third century within five days worldwide. The incredible aspect is, beyond the content’s contribution to this feat, SRK’s Businessman avatar needs far more credit.

Prabhas vs SRK

Looking at the numbers, the film is set to touch 500 crores within just five days, but it could have been 650, even 700 crores. It didn’t happen because Prabhas’s path became a speed breaker for Shah Rukh Khan. His fantastic planning and plotting halted its trajectory.

You know, ‘KGF 2’ earned 860 crores in India, approximately 430 crores from the Hindi belt. ‘Dunki’ has almost made this number disappear from Salaar’s collections, about 90% less, owing to Businessman Shah Rukh Khan’s well-thought strategy.

Comparatively, there have been fewer shows for SRK than for ‘Dunki’ in the North belt’s multiplexes and single screens, a widely known fact. But, did you know, even the shows available occur during a time when the public’s theater visit chances are 50-50? It’s cinema’s golden period between 6 to 9 PM at night, where almost 90% of ‘Dunki’ shows fall, while Salaar’s shows mostly happen post 4:00 PM, at 10, 10:30, 11, or even 11:30 PM.

Salaar might make substantial business impressions, but the backbone figures, stretching up to 1000, 1500 crores, crucially representing the Hindi belt’s numbers, are missing.

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