Unveiling the Veracity of ‘Salaar’ Movie Box Office Collection: Salaar Box Office Scam?

One thing to notice is that the amount of negativity surrounding Prabhas’s film ‘Salaar‘ may have reached levels higher than the combined hits of all other movies this year. It’s one thing for someone to like or dislike a film – that’s normal. But influencing others to the extent that they shut their ears at the mere mention of the film, even without watching it, and making judgments about the film’s earnings without even seeing it is not a fair practice.

Evaluating Negative Prejudices

Many claim the film isn’t good, some say the reported collection is fabricated. But those who experienced the theater vibe of ‘Salaar’ ended up sending their friends too because it’s a genuinely good film. If ‘Salaar’ isn’t proving itself as bad, why create a fuss about its box office numbers? What evidence is there that other movies showcasing international business are always genuine if ‘Salaar’s collection is supposedly fake?

Box Office Triumph

Movies like ‘KGF’ received sincere support, elevating the CEO of Indian cinema, yet ‘Salaar’s presentation and elevation seem several levels above ‘KGF.’ So why are people so critical?

Salaar Movie Box Office Collection

Answering that question, after a minute, is important, but before that, let’s hear some news that might make ‘Salaar’ haters call for a doctor. ‘Salaar’ is a high-fi, large-scale film, hence the massive investment. Just the news of Prabhas’s salary and the film’s budget celebration had many in high spirits.

Unraveling the ‘Salaar’ Impact

Before its release, considering Prabhas’s last three to four movies, it seemed impossible for this budget to recover. But let me correct your general knowledge by revealing that ‘Salaar’ managed to challenge your assumptions within just four days. It touched 260 crores in the Indian market as net figures, while the gross number has already surpassed a triple century.

‘Salaar’ Movie Box Office Collection

What’s shocking is that despite the immense negativity and a low number of shows, it earned 70 crores from Hindi belts alone in net figures. When you tally everything up, ‘Salaar’ has set a record such that at this very moment, as you read this post, it has crossed five centuries worldwide consecutively. That’s 5 days, 500 crores.

Indian Market (Net)₹441.15 crore
Global Box Office (5 Days)₹667.59 Crores
Hindi Market₹392.94 Crores
Christmas Day (Hindi Market)Nearly 15 crores
Competing Film (North)Made around 23 crores

Salar Daily Collection In India

DayBox Office Collection (in Crores)
1₹ 90.7
2₹ 55.00
3₹ 64.07
4₹ 42.50
5₹ 23.50
6₹ 17.00
7₹ 13.50
8₹ 10.00
9₹ 12.55
10₹ 14.50
11₹ 15.50
12₹ 7.50
13₹ 5.25
14₹ 4.50
15₹ 3.50
16₹ 5.25
17₹ 5.25

Bollywood vs. South Cinema

Prashanth Neel had spoken the truth: in 2023, it’s not the Saal, it’s ‘Salaar.’ Astonishingly, on the 25th of December, on Christmas Day, ‘Salaar’ earned nearly 15 crores in the Hindi market. Whereas ‘Dunki‘ Shah Rukh Khan’s film, which released on a grand scale in the North, made around 23 crores. The difference in shows might seem huge, but the collection had only an 8 crore difference, signaling a positive trajectory for ‘Salaar’s future.

The real game behind the uproar against ‘Salaar’ is not about content, stardom, or box office numbers. It’s about the battle for screens. The debate between North and South in cinema, which many thought had almost ended, has now ignited behind the curtains. Imagine the release of a film from Bollywood’s biggest star and, at the same time, the audacity of an outsider film industry to clash with it. Theater owners insisting on releasing that film, despite fewer screens, caused a significant shock to the Bollywood film industry. Their single-horse race has officially ended because a new entrant has joined the race.

Audience Preference Power

A few days ago, Leo’s film arrived. Anyone who watches that film in cinemas will find it superb, but shockingly, it didn’t secure a single show in the Hindi belt in multiplex chains. Yes, not a single show. The multiplexes had 100% shows running for Ganpat’s film.

Now, ‘Salaar’ is also following the same path as ‘Pushpa.’ Slowly but surely, who knows when its Hindi collection of 70 crores might reach 100, 150, or even 200 crores. And imagine if the same scenario repeats in the future with three or four movies, the screen count of Bollywood movies will have a massive impact. They won’t even fear clashing with South movies, and theater owners will run the film that draws the crowd. The public is the king. Whether there are shows or not, whether the collection is fake or real, if the public likes the movie, no one can stop it.

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