Top 3 cars to be launched in 2024

The year 2023 is coming to a close, and 2024 is about to begin. This year will witness the launch of numerous cars, but we are here to share information about the top 3 cars set to launch between January and March.

These three cars are not only exceptionally beautiful but also poised to make a strong impact on the road. They boast stunning designs, outstanding on-road performance, and significant improvements in safety features. All three companies are working diligently to deliver top-notch vehicles.

Top 3 Car Coming Soon

  • Tata Curvv
  • Hyundai Creta 2024
  • Honda Elevate 7 Seater

These three cars are set to create a buzz in 2024, and the upcoming Creta has already made a significant impact and is poised to continue doing so. In this post, we will provide detailed information about all three cars.

Tata Curvv

Tata is a highly regarded company known for its excellent cars, appreciated by many for their safety features and robust build quality. However, in the price range of 12 to 23 lakhs, there are limited options, making Tata the go-to choice in this range.

The upcoming car boasts a substantial size, competing with models like Nexon and Harrier. It comes equipped with impressive features, including a 17-inch tire that holds significant importance for a smooth driving experience.

Under the hood, the car offers a 1.5-liter turbo petrol and diesel engine. Notably, it features a 360° rotation camera and a digital interface throughout the vehicle.

Hyundai Creta 2024

The Hyundai Creta, a best-seller in 2023, continues to be highly regarded, known for being the best car in its class. It fits well within budgets, making it accessible to a wide audience.

In 2024, Hyundai plans to relaunch the Creta with significant modifications, introducing an improved engine, slightly larger size, and enhanced safety features. The car will be available in both petrol and diesel variants, featuring a powerful 1.5-liter turbo petrol engine with 160 BHP, promising an impressive performance on the road.

Honda Elevate 7 Seater Car

Honda, maintaining its reputation for excellence, is set to launch the spectacular Honda Elevate in the car segment. Recently introduced, the Elevate boasts impressive aesthetics and a notably spacious interior with 5 seats.

In 2024, Honda plans to enrich its SUV lineup by adding another variant, the Honda Elevate 7 Seater Car. Anticipated to hit the market between March and April 2024, this car will feature a 7-seater configuration. The vehicle comes equipped with a 1.5-liter petrol engine and is also expected to be available in a diesel variant.

With a price tag of 23 lakh rupees on-road, the Honda Elevate 7 Seater offers a compelling option for those looking for a versatile and stylish SUV.

These three cars from Tata, Hyundai, and Honda are poised to redefine the driving experience in 2024, offering compelling features, striking designs, and an unwavering commitment to safety and innovation.

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