Varun Dhawan’s Movie Baby John Teaser Unveiled, An Action-packed First Look See Here

A new teaser has been released, actually, it’s the announcement teaser of Varun Dhawan’s 18th film, titled Baby John. Let’s discuss what to expect from this teaser.

For those who are eager to see Varun Dhawan in an action avatar, you will get your wish in his upcoming film, Baby John. Although the title VD18 had already been revealed on IMDb, with photos and cast details, it was evident that the film’s title would be Baby John.

Varun Dhawan's Movie Baby John

There’s speculation about whether Atlee, the director of Jawaan, will be directing this film or not. However, it’s clarified that Priya Atlee, his wife, is the producer, and the director is Kalis Van or also known as Kalis.

Talking about this announcement teaser, Varun Dhawan is seen in a mafia avatar for a brief moment. Although it’s just a one-minute teaser, the color theme, his sitting style with a gun in hand, and numerous goons on the background chair, along with the explosive music, create an intriguing atmosphere.

Some are even speculating that it might be a remake of Vijay’s film ‘Theri,’ but the title announcement hasn’t revealed that information yet. The bearded look and black lungi suggest he is playing a gangster, and the presentation with South Indian dance forms gives it a rooted and pure desi vibe.

The announcement claims it to be the biggest action entertainer of 2024, but it’s wise not to overconfidently state that it will be the biggest, as the audience will decide that.

Nevertheless, if the film turns out to be good, everyone will surely support it. Even though Atlee is not directing, you might still catch a glimpse of his presentation style, much like in Jawaan. The only requirement is for the film to be entertaining; that’s enough for a film lover.

The film is set to release on May 31 in theaters, and only after that, we will know more about it. We will delve into more details and discuss it in-depth after its release.

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