Varun Grover Unveils ‘All India Rank’, A Glimpse into the Engineer’s Journey

If you were born in the 90s or grew up during that era, chances are you haven’t missed the name of an educational institution, especially the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). Post-2008, IITs mushroomed across the country, but initially, they were only in five cities – Kharagpur, Mumbai, Madras, Kanpur, and Delhi. The pressure to pursue engineering education was immense during that time, with every parent aspiring for their child to become an engineer. However, even today, the pressure to become an engineer through IIT remains at the top of the list of global pressures.

All India Rank

This pressure forms the backdrop of director Varun Grover’s directorial debut film, “All India Rank.” The trailer for the film was released on February 6th, 2024. The story revolves around Vivek, a young man from Lucknow who comes to Kota to pursue IIT education, a journey many students undertake.

The trailer starts with Vivek’s train journey from Lucknow to Kota, symbolizing his transition to a new phase of life. However, Vivek is not driven by a passion for engineering; he is merely fulfilling his parents’ dream.

Vivek secures admission to Bundela Madam’s coaching in Kota, known as the best coaching center in the city. Despite the opportunities, Vivek finds Kota to be a stressful and challenging place. The trailer depicts the stress and struggles that students face, capturing the essence of their journey.

Varun Grover, the writer of the film, is making his directorial debut. The film is set to release on February 23rd, 2024. Both Varun Grover and Vicky Kaushal, who launched the trailer, share a common background as engineers before venturing into the field of acting. Varun Grover had penned the story long ago, but due to certain reasons, work on it didn’t proceed until now.

The trailer has received widespread acclaim on the internet, with audiences praising its relatability and fresh portrayal. The film features a new and entirely fresh star cast, contributing to its appeal. Varun Grover’s film has been premiered at various film festivals, garnering praise from all corners.

People are drawing comparisons with the popular web series “Kota Factory,” which also explores the theme of students preparing for engineering exams in Kota. However, the audience is curious to see how Varun Grover’s film will provide a different treatment to a similar subject.

Currently, the film is generating excitement, and it has participated in several film festivals, receiving accolades from various quarters. The anticipation is high to witness how “All India Rank” will offer a unique perspective on the pressures faced by students in the pursuit of an engineering education.

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