Exploring the Top 5 Low-Budget Bikes Under 1.5 Lakh

If your budget is tight and you’re eyeing a bike that offers great looks, an excellent engine, modern features, and durability at an affordable price, today, we’ll talk about Top 5 Low-Budget Bikes available under 1.5 lakh rupees. These bikes come with 150cc engines and contemporary designs. They lead in looks, design, features, and even in power among others within this range.

1. TVS Raider 125

Leading this list is the TVS Raider 125, the most cost-effective bike on this list. While all others here have 150cc engines, this one stands out with its 125cc powertrain. Let’s delve into why that matters.

TVS Raider 125
TVS Raider 125

This bike offers a fully digital TFT meter console with several accompanying features. Even at this low price point, it provides Bluetooth connectivity and riding modes—Eco and Power. Its LED headlight integrates seamlessly, creating an appealing design.

In terms of power, it develops 11.2 bhp and 11.2 nm torque. Regarding fuel efficiency, it can deliver around 65 to 70 miles per gallon if ridden at economic speeds.

With a price ranging from 113,000 to 119,000 rupees, this bike is quite a steal for enthusiasts.

2. Bajaj Pulsar N160

Next up is the Bajaj Pulsar N160, often known as the “Black Panther” due to its striking looks. It shares its design elements with the Pulsar N250.

Bajaj Pulsar N160
Bajaj Pulsar N160

This bike sports a 164.8cc engine that churns out a robust power of 15.7 BHP and 14.65 Nm torque. Its price falls around 144,000 rupees, varying slightly based on the area.

It features an underbelly exhaust, adding a touch of elegance to its appearance.

3. Yamaha FZS FI V4

Securing the third spot is Yamaha’s FZS Version 4.0 (FZS FI V4), which boasts a unique and impressive design along with excellent build quality.

Its standout features include LED headlights, all-around LED lights, traction control system, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Yamaha FZS FI V4
Yamaha FZS FI V4

Equipped with a 149cc BS6 engine producing 12.2 BHP power and 13.3 Nm torque, this bike’s performance shines through its lightweight design at just 136 kilograms.

Priced at 1.47 lakh rupees for the sole variant available, it offers a blend of style and functionality.

4. Bajaj Pulsar NS160

Despite having a 160cc engine, this bike excels in power, generating 17.03 BHP power and 14.6 Nm peak torque. Its safety features include an anti-lock braking system (ABS).

Bajaj Pulsar NS160
Bajaj Pulsar NS160

Available in single-channel ABS and dual-channel ABS variants, the former is priced at 150,000 rupees, while the latter costs 164,000 rupees. It delivers impressive mileage and stands out with its charming appearance.

5. TVS RTR 160 4V

Occupying the top position is the TVS RTR 160 4V, the most powerful bike in this budget range due to its 160cc engine that produces 17.3 BHP power and 14.7 Nm torque.

TVS RTR 160 4V
TVS RTR 160 4V

Starting from 1.48 lakh rupees and extending up to 1.58 lakh rupees, its variants offer dual-disc ABS, three riding modes, adjustable levers, and SmartXConnect, enabling Bluetooth-connected turn-by-turn navigation.

All Bikes Specifications and Price Range In Table Form

Bike ModelEnginePower (BHP)Torque (Nm)Key FeaturesPrice Range (INR)
TVS Raider 125125cc11.211.2Fully digital TFT meter console, Bluetooth connectivity113,000 – 119,000
Bajaj Pulsar N160164.8cc15.714.65Striking design, Underbelly exhaust, LED lightsAround 144,000
Yamaha FZS FI V4149cc12.213.3LED headlights, Traction control, Bluetooth connectivity1.47 lakh
Bajaj Pulsar NS160160cc17.0314.6ABS options, Impressive mileage, Charming appearance150,000 – 164,000
TVS RTR 160 4V160cc17.314.7Dual-disc ABS, Riding modes, SmartXConnect1.48 lakh – 1.58 lakh


These are the top-performing bikes available in India under the 1.5 lakh rupees range, showcasing exceptional looks, design, and power.

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