Which Variant Of Honda Activa 110cc Should You Buy? Know Which Variant Is Value For Money.

Friends, in today’s time, the Honda Activa 110cc comes in five different variants. Alongside these variants, there are seven different colors available. With so many options, it raises the question of which Honda Activa to choose. This post provides all the information about each variant and helps you decide which variant of the Honda Activa 110cc is worth the money.

Key Features of Honda Activa 110cc (Honda Activa 7G)

Value For Money Honda activa 110cc

Before discussing each variant in detail, let me tell you that all these variants are built on the same chassis, weighing around 105 or 106 kilograms. They all come with a 5.3-liter fuel tank and have a ground clearance of approximately 165 mm. Each variant features telescopic suspension at the front, with drum brakes. They all have a 12-inch wheel and are powered by the same 110cc engine.

Honda Activa STD

The first variant, named Honda Activa STD, has an ex-showroom price of around ₹76,200, which translates to about ₹90,000 on the road. The Standard variant offers a total of five colour options: grey, black, white, red, blue, and pearl blue.

Honda Activa DLX

Following the Standard variant, the next one is the Honda Activa DLX. It features LED headlamps at the front, with an ex-showroom price of approximately ₹78,700, and an on-road price of ₹93,000. The DLX variant also offers the same five color options available in the Standard variant, with the only difference being the inclusion of LED headlamps.

Honda Activa H-Smart

In the Honda Activa H-Smart variant, you get a smart switch instead of a regular one. Additionally, it comes with black alloy wheels. Priced at ₹82,200 ex-showroom and around ₹97,000 on-road, it offers the same color options as previously mentioned.

In this variant, due to the smart key, if the scooter’s battery dies or malfunctions, you cannot start it without the H Smart key.

Honda Activa Special Edition

This variant stands out by offering two unique colors – matte black and pearl blue – along with distinct graphics on the side panels and front panel. It also includes alloy wheels and a black-colored suspension and engine. The ex-showroom price is ₹80,700, approximately ₹95,500 on the road.

Honda Activa Special Edition (H Smart)

This variant combines features from the Honda Activa Special Edition and some features from the H-Smart variant. Priced at ₹82,700, you can purchase it for around ₹98,000 on-road. It includes both matte black and pearl blue color options.

Which Variant Offers Value for Money

After understanding all the variants of the Honda Activa, let’s determine which variant provides the best value for money. The base variant, Honda Activa STD, with a simple halogen bulb light, remains the best choice. Following this, the Activa Special Edition, with its unique color design, stands out.

It’s advisable to avoid the H-Smart variant due to the potential high maintenance costs associated with the smart key. Therefore, among these five variants, the recommended choices are the Honda Activa STD and Activa Special Edition.

However, which variant suits you best depends on your preferences. If you desire futuristic and advanced features, you might opt for the H-Smart variant if it aligns with your preferences.

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