Unveiling ‘Kalki 2898 AD’ – A Game-Changer for Indian Cinema, This date will be the release.

2023 has been a phenomenal year for Bollywood in terms of its calendar. It’s witnessed comebacks that have left the box office calculators struggling to keep up. Amidst all this, there’s a name that has always challenged Bollywood and seems impossible to surpass even in 2023 – Prabhas. Despite a slight dip in the quality of his movies, his pairing with Salaar demonstrated who the real boss of the box office is.

Prabhas’ Dominance in 2024

In 2024, Bollywood will once again have to bow before Prabhas, not just once but twice. Yes, updates for two movies will drop simultaneously on the same day. Prabhas is gearing up to celebrate a festival of sorts for his fans and Indian cinema.

Prabhas will be seen in an entirely new avatar in 2024, blending family entertainment with a subject that revolves around horror comedy. Shortly after, around January 14-15, a small announcement video for the film will be released, finalizing the release date. But the second film could potentially be a game-changer not just for Prabhas but for Indian cinema as a whole.

Kalki – a Cinematic Marvel

Kalki 2898 AD

The name ‘Kalki 2898 AD‘ suggests an impact that transcends the past, present, and future of Indian cinema. Remember the film Ravan? It wasn’t initially well-received upon its release 12 years ago, but today, it garners continuous praise. Prabhas might pull off a similar feat with ‘Kalki.’ This movie could become the most expensive Indian film ever made, with an estimated budget of nearly 600 crore rupees.

Storyline and Global Release

The film’s subject is based on chapters from the Mahabharata, and what’s remarkable is that it’s not just an Indian release but potentially a global one in 38 languages. The entire world might get to know about the Mahabharata through this film.

Prabhas’ Role as Lord Vishnu’s Avatar

Prabhas’ character in ‘Kalki‘ is inspired by the 10th avatar of Lord Vishnu, Bhagwan Kalki. While his screen presence was golden in ‘Salaar,’ fitting into the shoes of Lord Vishnu’s avatar will define the rest, leaving the audience captivated.

Despite the extravagant budget, the film will adopt a modern approach. It’s designed akin to Hollywood superhero movies connected directly to mythology and history. The teaser gave a glimpse of top-tier visual effects, hinting at the utilization of technology to create a futuristic world.

Release and Future Projects

Expect the trailer for ‘Kalki‘ around March 2024, with the movie possibly hitting the screens in May 2024. A new poster teases Prabhas in a futuristic superhero avatar. Regardless of whether Prabhas’ films succeed or not, he always dares to experiment with new subjects. Following the horror comedy, there’s a superhero movie and then a collaboration with Sandeep Vanga, featuring a grey-shaded police character played by Prabhas.

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