How to Check Your National Pension System (NPS) Balance?

Financial security in retirement is a crucial concern, and the National Pension System (NPS) can be your ally in this matter. NPS is a personal investment plan that allows you to reap the benefits after retirement. Checking the balance of your NPS account is a straightforward process, and here are some easy ways to do it:

How to Check National Pension System (NPS) Balance

Using the UMANG App: You can check your NPS account balance using the UMANG App. You’ll need to log in to this application, access your NPS account details, and then view the balance status.

Via SMS (Text Message): You can check your NPS balance through SMS using your registered mobile number. Simply give a missed call to 9212993399, and you will receive a message containing all the information about your NPS account.

Online Portal: You can also log in to your NPS account by visiting the official NPS website to check your balance. There, you’ll need to enter your account details, and you can then view your balance.

By using these methods, you can regularly monitor the balance of your NPS account and ensure the financial security of your retirement. This is a crucial step in safeguarding your financial future.

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